Ed has been a professional photographer for the last 20 years and has a reputation for a relaxed yet professional service. He excels in house and gardens photogpraphy internally and externally.

Villa Films and Hotel Photography are also his speciality and he covers both globally. Villa films and villa photography are captured from the ground and air with licensed drones.

Ed and his team have also enjoyed photographing and filming hundreds of events all over the UK and abroad as well as portraits of prominent families and royalty.

Film has become a very strong marketing tool that we provide and we have already had the opportunity to film car races, hotel films, villa films and horse racing yards all over the world.  

The demand for Ed’s professional, relaxed and discreet photography means he now has a small competent team of pros who offer the same service to cover the varied work undertaken at Ed Shepherd Photography.

When off duty family and friends come 1st for Ed. Being lucky enough to live in the the Cotswolds means we are not far from a good day out.

Please enjoy looking through our website and what we get up to.

Tel: 07810 374751