At Ed Shepherd Photography we can lay claim to 20 years’ experience in the field, with a reputation for being relaxed, yet extremely professional. We consider discretion to be an integral part of our ethos and are renowned for our natural approach.
Our fantastic team especially excel when working with the interiors and exteriors of properties and gardens in the UK and around the world. We can capture the essence of each home, hotel, villa and landscape from the ground and the air, with fully licensed drones, through film as well as still photography.
As film has become increasingly popular and acts as a very strong marketing tool with immense impact, ESP has built up an extensive and varied portfolio from a wide range of briefs and commissions.The high demand for our expert and laid-back professionalism has led to our excellent team of experienced and understanding photographers to expand in the UK and abroad.  Not only does this increase our accessibility but it gives ESP the opportunity to further advance our knowledge, proficiency and passion. 
Ed Shepherd was recently living and working in Sri Lanka with his wife and two children, where he was able to capture the spirit and soul of the island as well as an incredible selection of boutique hotels, luxury villas and opulent jewellery.
Ed has now re-joined his talented team in the UK but will continue to shoot for periods of the year in Sri Lanka and other countries around the globe.
Feast your eyes on our portfolio and showreels and get in touch if we can help in anyway.

We are happy to discuss any brief you have in mind or offer direction and guidance.

UK: +44 7810 374751
Sri Lanka: + 94 76 390 1991